eFactory is a cloud based subscription billing and vending system developed by FirstMilcom Solutions (FMS), a Nigerian owned company.
eFactory is a sub-meter vending system that allows these entities effectively manage prepaid electricity, water, gas and Internet Data on their properties.
The system is fully scalable across multiple Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), enabling large deployments seamlessly.
It is integrated to Interswitch’s various payment channels which will assure revenue for Utility companies and ensure convenience for payers.

  • FMS can deploy STS meters at an affordable cost to interested entities.
  • Meters can now be blocked or suspended from vending, ensuring maximum control.
  • Allows Utility Companies to better manage their consumers and arrears.
  • Allows for Utility Companies to design tariffs to suit their requirements
  • STS Credit Token, Key-Change and Engineering Tokens

Key Features & Benefits

  • Increases cash flow and operating income by eliminating variable utility costs.
  • Increases property value.
  • Conservation of electricity and other resources.
  • Improves resident satisfaction.
  • Direct connections to IT infrastructure for billing and reporting without the need for any on site computer servers.
  • Small footprint needed for installation inside electrical closets.
  • Fully secure, self-contained backup systems both onboard and off-site.
  • Connect to the Internet via conventional communication protocols (Ethernet or WIFI).
  • Use WIFI technology for communicating with in-suite meters if required.
  • Retrofits with minimum impact on residents.
  • Building owners and residents have powerful web-based tools for displaying and monitoring energy consumption.
  • Full service meter maintenance program.